Empowering Youth for a Brighter Tomorrow

A Bold Vision for a Brighter Future for BIPOC Youth

reStart assists youth and their families to confidently navigate the legal and educational systems in Ontario with timely information and preventive programs.

Supporting Youth in Legal Difficulty

reStart offers timely, relevant information, compassionate assistance, and liaison services to youth while they work through the youth justice system. ​

Fostering Strong Relationships

We build long-lasting relationships with BIPOC youth through court support, diversion programs, and mentoring, coaching, and teaching.

Transforming Lives

The investment of time and energy and the offer of compassionate, realistic support results in youth catching a vision for a healthy future.​


What BIPOC Youth Face


Twice the rate of gang membership compared to other youth.


BIPOC youth are 4 times more likely to receive jail sentences.


A greater proportion of BIPOC youth experience suspension, expulsion, or being pushed out of school.


BIPOC youth receive longer sentences, more conditions, fewer diversions to custodial or mental health programs, and are more likely to be denied bail pre-trial.

Our Youth Deserve More

The Criminal Justice System manages social problems impacting Black youth. reStart goes further. We aim to restore and guide teens in trouble to a different life.
reStart relationships

The Difference is Relationship

Using a relationship-focused approach reStart inspires, empowers, and equips BIPOC youth to transform their lives for a chance of a brighter future. 

We focus on relationship, mentoring, building life skills and long-term success to help youth establish a positive perspective on life leading to better opportunities and a successful future.

Creating Fulfilled and Successful Lives for Our Youth Starts Here

We cannot do it alone! We need people who care about our BIPOC youth and genuinely want to make a difference. Here’s how you can be involved:


Join our Board of Directors



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You Can Make A Difference