Your community needs you! This is your chance to make a difference.

Here’s how you can help reStart

It takes a village to help BIPOC youth live fulfilled and successful lives. reStart cannot do it alone. We are seeking the help of men and women from various walks of life and professions to help us. Our youth need to walk alongside mentors and role models as they navigate the challenges of life. Your experiences and wisdom will add more value than you can think or imagine.

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BIPOC youth are our main priority. reStart helps them and their parents navigate the judicial and education system, so they can receive the right support and information. 

Your generous gift of any amount will make a difference to the diverse people reStart serves. It will help to provide programs that encourages transformation and supports BIPOC youth in our community.

Please consider a donation to reStart today.


If you have administrative, marketing, communication, or social media skill or know how to interact comfortably with youth, we need you!

If you can dedicate at least two hours a week, please join our team of volunteers.

We would appreciate your help.

Mentors and Counsellors

Many of our youth face numerous challenges, even before becoming teens. They have very few role models who can provide wholesome advice and wisdom to guide them into making quality decisions. These challenges are compounded by peer pressure, as well as low self-esteem, self-worth, and self-confidence. Many are dealing with rejection and shame. Under extreme pressure, youth often make decisions without clearly thinking through the consequences.

We need mentors and counsellors — male and female — from the BIPOC community who our youth can identify with from racial, cultural, or religious perspectives.

Your support will help inspire, motivate and empower our youth to start thinking differently and making better choices.

To get started, all we need you to do is complete a volunteer application form  and send it back to us with a verified police check, now easily available online here. A police check is compulsory for all people working with reStart.