Supporting BIPOC Youth to Create Meaningful and Fulfilling Futures

reStart in-court support

reStart’s In-Court Support

Imagine showing up at youth criminal court for the first time. You have no experience, no knowledge, and no support. You’re frightened, embarrassed, and confused.

reStart gives youth and their parents/guardians relevant information, education, and clarity to help them understand the jargon and navigate the youth justice system with confidence.

The Process

  1. When youth show up at the Brampton courthouse, our intake worker meets with them, with or without a parent or guardian.
  2. We accept the disclosure of charges on behalf of the youth if no parent/guardian is present.
  3. Once we connect with a youth’s parents or guardians, we review relevant information and explain how we can help.
  4. Our Case Supporter then meets with the youth, ideally with their parent/guardian over Zoom or at our office to determine the best way to support each individual. This can include legal counseling, social services, and in-court support.

New Habits and Life Skills to Change a Youth’s Path

reStart's Diversion

Compelling research proves that incarceration is not necessary or effective in the vast majority of cases.

In a case where a youth is found guilty, we provide a diversion program which extends beyond community service hours.
Diversion is an opportunity to participate in an alternative program in exchange for having a charge withdrawn or put on hold for a period of time.

The Diversion Program

Similar to the “Wired to Change” workshop, reStart’s Diversion Program offers youth opportunities for group or one-on-one mentoring to address all the underlying causes of misbehaviour, wrongdoing, and recklessness.

Youth are given opportunities to be accountable for their choices and actions. They are challenged to be responsible for outcomes of their behaviour — all within a strong framework of support, caring, and commitment to change.

During their time in the program, youth will meet and be encouraged by others who have successfully completed the program and are leading changed lives. Youth will also complete community hours in addition to mentoring.

reStart diversion program

Educating, encouraging, and giving hope for a better future

Wired to Change

This six-week workshop takes place in schools/halls/conference rooms or over Zoom.

Our Aim: To address the emotional and social needs of youth to help them navigate school, friendships, and family relationships.

Youth are challenged to make wiser choices and encouraged to think differently in order to create a more fulfilling and successful future for themselves.

Workshop time includes:

Educating youth for the future

Taking inward perspectives

Hearing testimonies from experienced people

Presenting them with a realistic outlook on life

Improve Your Life

As part of graduation from Ontario schools, students are expected to complete community volunteering hours. reStart will help facilitate volunteering opportunities.